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Seamless decorative template with hearts

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Romantic seamless pattern with decorative hearts. Decorative design for Valentine’s day.

Multicolor seamless background

Seamless image for fabric,web, prints, wallpaper, decorative background.Ornamental texture with repeating.Vector seamless pattern.

Set with different ornaments

Set of decorative shapes for all kind of patterns,prints,decorative image,textures,fabric.Abstract decorative shapes.

“Set with editable elements” by Marcu Ioachim – Mostphotos

Creates seamless decorative images. Sell your images on Mostphotos – it’s free and you get 50% of each sale! Get started in a few clicks. Source: “Set with editable elements” by Marcu Ioachim – Mostphotos

Ornamental image can be used for background ,overlay,various edits

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Links for decoration and design

Posting with links to the image portfolio.Decorative images for the design greeting card, wedding invitations, poster, banner, template, prints.Decorative backgrounds, hearts with effects, flowers for decorations.Graphic resources for various projects.Pictures with commercial use.Decor elements .Templates for Valentine’s, design,effects… image about… Continue Reading →

Dandelion for creative images

Seamless pattern with hearts  

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