When your mobile device is stolen, you can feel powerless. But you don’t have to.

Over 100 phones are lost or stolen every minute in the US. Secure your Samsung GALAXY S4 or GALAXY S4 Active today. Using the same proven technology as Absolute LoJack, owners of Samsung GALAXY S4s now have Absolute LoJack Mobile to track and recover their phone. If stolen, only the Absolute Theft Recovery Team can help locate and return your phone. In addition, you can remotely delete files or lock the smartphone so nobody can access it.

Every year thousands of people have their devices recovered thanks to the software and the Absolute Theft Recovery Team.

Remotely lock the missing or stolen device.

See your device on a map.

Remotely erase data from the device and media card.

Vendor:Absolute Software Corporation

Home page:https://lojack.absolute.com

Price:USD 39.99