If you have ever been, or ever think you might be intested in capturing/copying files directly from your HD camcorder, merging/joining camcorder videos (AVCHD MTS/M2TS, MOD, TOD) without recoding, or splitting/cutting files with frame accuracy, you certainly want to take a look at Aunsoft Final Mate.


Aunsoft Final Mate, as an entry-level and necessary camcorder assistant software, is focuses on making it easy in some very useful functions for HD camcorder users like camcorder wizard (For quickest and easiest video capture/backup), lossless merge (For joining file without conversion or no loss of quality)

Vendor:Ma Chenglong

Home page:http://www.aunsoft.com/

you don't have to call in a favor from a friend to make your movies shine.

Price:timeline-oriented editing frame accurate cutting/splitting


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