The COT Indicator Suite for MetaTrader 4 is a set of five indicators that display data from the Commitment of Traders report. Unlike other COT products, the COT Indicator Suite is self-updating and does not require a data subscription or any recurring fees!

The COT Indicator Suite comes with five indicators:

  • The COT Index indicator as made famous by Larry Williams and Steve Briese. It can be used to locate overbought and oversold areas relative to historical COT data.
  • The COT Graph indicator plots lines for commercial, non-commercial and non-reportable positions in one window. A Percentage Mode display provides trade signals similar to RSI.
  • The COT Histogram indicator plots a single category of positions along a histogram, with an adjustable moving average to provide trade signals similar to MACD.
  • The COT Totals indicator displays the raw total long and short positions from the COT report.
  • The COT Open Interest indicator plots the open interest from the COT report for a given instrument.

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