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Gammadyne Corporation

Gammadyne Mailer

Gammadyne Mailer is essential software for automating a business's email marketing.  It can send personalized email campaigns and process virtually any type of incoming email.  Carefully crafted to achieve the highest delivery rate, it will reach more of your audience… Continue Reading →

DJ Jukebox

DJ Jukebox is an essential tool for managing a song library and generating playlists.  Each song can be assigned a rating so that favorites are played more often, and that unwanted songs are never chosen.  File management features include global… Continue Reading →

CSV Editor Pro

CSV Editor Pro is the professional choice for working with CSV files.  Packed with an arsenal of features and tools, its potential for saving time means that is will likely pay for itself in the first week.  The tabular interface… Continue Reading →


Clyton is an email client with advanced security and spam filtering features.  The spam filter is highly configurable and supports DNS blacklist checking (DNSBL).  Expect 85% of spam to be eliminated with the default configuration.  Email that is suspicious but… Continue Reading →

Centurion Setup

After putting a lot of effort into your software, it's time to distribute it.  Don't spend weeks wrestling with a complicated installation builder when you are so close to being done.  Centurion Setup is extremely easy to use, and you… Continue Reading →


String-O-Matic performs search and replace operations with multiple strings in multiple files.  It was designed specifically for computer programmers working on large projects with many source code files, however any type of file can be used, including HTML.  Search and… Continue Reading →


Serlog is a server log analyzer that answers some crucial marketing questions:  What search engine keywords are visitors using?  What websites are sending us traffic?  And most importantly, what websites are referring visitors who make purchases?  It also includes all… Continue Reading →

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