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FFBuild 4.1.0

FFBuild is a build system for C/C++. FFBuild uses compiler/system indepent file(.ffb), it shields you from the detailed inputs and outputs of the various compilers and computer architectures. make it easy to build your software. FFBuild can be easily configed… Continue Reading →

AzureXplorer 1.0

Manage containers, upload, download, copy or move, rename or delete blobs and entire folders in a way similar to Windows Explorer. List tables and retrieve their content, save entities, export and import data. A powerful data generator is included. Inspect message queues and create new messages. Manage your deployments conveniently inside your Visual Studio. Upload packages, create or delete deployments, suspend, run and auto-upgrade services with just one click. Works with the… Continue Reading →

BLIde Plus + Lifetime updates 10.08.31-a

BLIde is a IDE (Integrated development enviroment) for Blitz Max, designed to work very close to the project file management performed by BlitzMax engine. It’s insipred by the .NET IDE and some other great tools as Protean IDE. It’s been… Continue Reading →

Jungle Ide Lifetime Professional Version 14-01-08-A

Jungle Ide is the advanced windows IDE for the monkey programing language. Use this IDE to create great games and applications for all sort of devices and platforms. Vendor:BLIde Home page: Software Development / IDEs & Coding Utilities Windows 7/Windows… Continue Reading →

PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino – Business

The Programino IDE is a alternative development environment for the Arduino ecosystem and for compatible 3rd party microcontroller boards and shields. This IDE for the Arduino boards is in Germany, English and French language. Programino make it easy to program… Continue Reading →

PROGRAMINO IDE for Arduino – Private

Vendor:Sommer-Robotics Address: Software Development / IDEs & Coding Utilities Windows 10/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows XP Price:USDĀ  36.23 BUY PRODUCT

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