Please see for a complete list of differences between TextPipe Standard and TextPipe Pro.Makes text processing a snap! Whether it's a 30,000 page website or the Clipboard, TextPipe automates common tasks like search/replace (with pattern matching and Sounds-like), end-of-line conversion, extract email addresses, fixing HTML etc.100 example filters are included to get you started, and TextPipe's 60 internal filters make life easy. Full HTML online help is provided. Multi-threading handles streams in parallel.


This edition of TextPipe has all the features of the Lite, PLUS all the advanced features for programmers like VBScripting, database connection, command line automation etc. It does not have filters for dealing with mainframe copybooks.



Business & Finance / Applications

Windows 2000/Windows 7/Windows 9x/Windows NT/Windows Vista/Windows XP

Price:USD  169