Professional user-friendly stop motion animation software with support for web-cameras.

  • Use webcam or camcorder to capture action figures, still photos, drawings or images of plasticine or clay and create your own stop-motion movies.
  • View all the frames in sequence to easily move, duplicate single or group of frames.
  • Use Rotoscope and Onionskin features on captured frames or any pictures imported into the AnimaShooter.
  • Load your photos, any image or sequence of images from disk.
  • Export web-ready WEBMOGV (HTML5 video), MPEG4 or uncompressed video. Export sequence of PNG, JPG, TIFF or WEBP images.
  • Use layered YRGB Histogram to ensure accuracy.
  • Use Ram-preview to check your work before creating output.
  • Grid feature help you adjust your subject more accurately.
  • Auto capture (Time-lapse) feature makes capturing images so easy as it was never before.
  • Flip the image vertically when shooting or horizontally while editing.
  • AnimaShooter can save project file automatically. No changes lost!

Vendor:Animation Technologies LTD

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Multimedia & Design / Animation

Windows 10/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows Vista

Price:USD 33