Purpose of this site and COREFAIT FINANCIAL ANALYSIS MODEL is not to elaborate on financial or any type of analysis in unimaginable details this can be done. The purpose is to give you a fully functional financial model. COREFAIT FINANCIAL ANALYSIS MODEL is created in such a manner that fully provides all the necessary information and output parameters that are required by potential investors or bank approached with the business idea and give them insight into the planned future operations. On the other hand model is so simple that it can be done by anyone without any experience in financial modeling or business planning. The only thing necessary is that whoever fills the model understands his business idea in terms of investment costs, operating and maintenance costs and revenues.

COREFAIT FINANCIAL MODEL consists of 7 excel spreadsheets which are interlinked in such a manner that connects all the tables and independently calculates the output parameters based on the data entered. The first in a series of tables it is the basic model assumptions including, perhaps most importantly those related to the time horizon of the project, the discount rate used and whether model is considering constant or current prices. In addition, there are certain parts that relate to macroeconomic assumptions and assumptions specific to certain branches of the economy but at the moment they are not relevant or necessary.


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