Don’t think of it as a clipboard – it’s a personal assistant.


Don’t let it hear you call it just a clipboard…


•   Pictures or Text – It doesn’t matter; Clip Buddy does it all

•   Multiple Clips – Keep track of all your clippings from any program with the easy to navigate Text Trees

•   Text Trees – organize your clippings in to simple stacks so all your clippings are just a few clicks away

•   Personalize your Clips – Use Clip Buddy to change text case, remove unwanted punctuation, or even find and replace specific words

•   Super Paste – allows you to paste multiple clippings in a loop, without any pesky punctuation

•   Search Feature – allows you to search for clippings by name or by content, ensuring you never lose a clipping again

•   Customizable Views – mean you can choose exactly how Clip Buddy looks, including adjusting the opacity of the program window or setting it to hide entirely

•   Recorded Metadata – allows the user to see what application the clipping came from, when it was made, and even the URL of the website it was taken from.

•   Clip History – Clip Buddy automatically saves any clipping you make, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of digital work


Home page:

Utilities / Clipboard Tools


Price:USD 29.95