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Lucrări de reparații și modernizări

Societate comercială cu activitate în domeniul construcțiilor civile și industriale. Executăm lucrări de reparații,modernizări la clădiri civile și industriale,amenajări interioare și exterioare,și de asemenea construcții cu caracter temporar,magazii,chioșcuri,cabine,garaje. Amenajari interioare,placări cu rigips,gletuit pereți,placări cu faianță,montat gresie,piatră, marmură, granit,tencuieli decorative.Montaj geamuri… Continue Reading →

Promoting A New Website

As a frustrated, downsized employee of the corporate world I would like to start over. With that being said I wanted to take control of my own professional destiny which initiated me to start my own business. The thought of… Continue Reading →

7 Natural Stone Pebble Projects For Every Home

Natural stone pebbles are becoming extremely popular in homes because of their wide range of colors and uses. Here are a few ideas for use in your own home. Japanese Gardens Japanese Gardens and known for their peacefulness and tranquillity…. Continue Reading →

How to Choose Curtains and Bathroom Accessories

  Choosing the right curtains for a bathroom can become a task. The marketplace offers one a wide array of curtains, which doesn’t make matters easier. We do have options however. The options enable us to choose style, colors, patterns,… Continue Reading →

Irregular lines, blue background,spots Choosing And Cleaning Shower Curtains The choices in a curtain for the shower are abundant.You can find prints from traditional or contemporary styles and everything in between. Once you have chosen the fabric, you can select the rod and… Continue Reading →

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