Internet Explorer 10 Training

Professor Teaches Internet Explorer 10 uses lessons and interactive exercises developed by experts to help you learn how to use the world's number one browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10. Our computer-training tutorial will have you navigating the internet with ease in no time at all. Download the product and start learning Internet Explorer 10 today!

Chapter 1: Introduction to Internet Explorer

  • What is the Internet?
  • What is the World Wide Web?
  • The Internet Explorer App
  • Starting Internet Explorer
  • The Internet Explorer Window
  • Linking from the Home Page
  • Navigating Among Pages


Chapter 2: Exploring the Interface

  • Working with Menus
  • Working with Toolbars
  • Discovering Favorites
  • Managing the Favorites Center
  • Accessing Specific Web Pages
  • Entering URLs Using AutoComplete
  • Using a Link’s Shortcut Menu
  • Revisiting Pages


Chapter 3: Interacting with Web Pages

  • Entering Information into Forms
  • Internet Explorer and Windows Media
  • Listening to Radio Webcasts
  • Playing Sounds on the Web
  • Creating an Online Photo Album


Chapter 4: Using Search Engines

  • What is a Search Engine?
  • Using Bing Search
  • Customizing Search Settings
  • Working with Search Providers
  • Using Autosearch
  • Using the Favorites Bar

Chapter 5: Saving Information from the Internet

  • Options for Saving Information
  • Printing Web Pages
  • Saving Web Pages
  • Saving Web Pictures
  • Downloading Files from Web Pages
  • Maintaining Security


Chapter 6: Advanced Techniques

  • Deleting Files
  • Setting Your Preferences
  • Controlling Content
  • Customizing the Command Bar
  • Browsing with InPrivate
  • Working with Accelerators
  • Using the SmartScreen Filter
  • Managing Add-ons
  • Working with Developer Tools


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Windows 7/Windows Vista/Windows XP

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