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Searching For Information In Blogs

screenshot from a opensource search engine (openwebspider) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) There are all kinds of blogs like…

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Blogs Can Be For Family Too!

Blog is the hot word on the internet in recent years, and with good reason: they are…

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6 Tips on Proper E-mail Etiquette

With the digital age upon us, personal contact is becoming less popular.Everyday. Cellphones,e-mail,voice mail and blogs almost…

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Good Effect of Concise Signs for Blogs

It is a fact that promoting one’s blog is not the easiest thing to do. Most specially…

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Blog design

It is great that the phrase blog floats around the net day in and day out, but…

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Entertainment RSS Delivered Straight Into Your Homes

RSS which stands for really simple syndication is a format that is associated with the XML family…