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Digital Photography Lighting for Picture-Perfect Photos

Digital photography can be maximized to its full potential once you have the perfect camera, the proper color and the perfect lighting. Even if you have with you the latest model of digital camera, your photos will not turn out… Continue Reading →

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Photo Editing Terms 5 – R to S

Red Eye Red Eye is the reflection of the camera flash off of the back of the subject’s eyes.  It happens most often with a bright flash in dim light.  Many photo editing applications have red eye removal features. ResizeResize… Continue Reading →

Cropping and Straightening

Imagine returning home from the family reunion, camera in hand, and waiting for the printed pictures to come back.  After a delay of at least hours, sometimes even days, the prints arrive, and in the most important picture–the family reunion… Continue Reading →

Photo Editing Terms 4 – M to R

Megabyte A megabyte is generally about a million bytes, or a thousand kilobytes.  Technically, a megabyte is 1024 kilobytes. Megapixel A megapixel is one million pixels, or dots.  Megapixels are the de facto standard for measuring the power of a… Continue Reading →

White Balance and Color Cast

Light has color. Most people don’t realize what difference light sources make in photography until they see the results–and then wonder why the picture looks absolutely nothing like what they remember pointing the camera at. Light of various temperatures is… Continue Reading →

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