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Keeping Your Blog Interesting

How to Optimize Your Blog Content for Search Engines 1. Use Keywords: Incorporating relevant keywords into your content is key for optimizing your blog for search engines. These keywords should be specific to the topic of your blog post and… Continue Reading →

Microsoft reported to be integrating ChatGPT3 AI with Bing search

Published by Computer World By Anirban Ghoshal In a renewed effort to challenge search giant Google, Microsoft is planning to integrate the AI engine behind the popular ChatGPT3 chatbot from OpenAI into its Bing search engine, according to reports from… Continue Reading →

Find Creative Inspiration in Everyday Life

How to Find Creative Inspiration in Everyday Life Creative inspiration can come from many sources, both obvious and unexpected. In order to access this source of creative energy, it is important to be open to the possibilities of everyday life…. Continue Reading →

Wonderful designs on products Zipper Pouch decorated with damask. Vibrant, high-quality double-sided prints that won’t fade. Durable 100% polyester canvas with a metal zipper. Fully lined for added strength. Various sizes perfect for holding coins, cards, phone, pencils, cosmetics. Cold machine wash and… Continue Reading →

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Getting to zero: Tokushima town tries to recycle all its waste

Plastic, paper, metal? In Kamikatsu, Tokushima Prefecture, sorting rubbish isn’t that simple. Residents face a mind-boggling 45 separate categories for their garbage as the town aims to be "zero-waste" by 2020. And that’s not all: there isn’t even trash collection…. Continue Reading →

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