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Alzheimer and Balance

When the brain and central nervous system is off balance it causes a series of complications to emerge. Alzheimer’s disease is disorder that affects the intellectual mind, which rests at the frontal lobe of the brain. The disorder progressively causes… Continue Reading →

Alzheimer and Pain

How they feel Alzheimer’s disease causes serious pain for families, friends, and the person suffering. As the person progresses however in his or her condition, the pain will cease. In fact, the person may fall and never feel pain at… Continue Reading →

Accelerated Disease of the Aged in Alzheimers

Due to economical, social, healthcare, education, and other factors the diseases in our older generation are accelerating. Older people may lack education that helps them to spot signs at early stages, which can help geriatrists find cures to various diseases…. Continue Reading →

Alzheimer Reducing Risks

In life, we all have risks, which we can take measures to reduce a vast majority of those risks. Alzheimer’s disease is claiming the minds of more than 4 million US citizens without mentioning those in the foreign lands. The… Continue Reading →

Causes of Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease presently is a confusing disease, since experts are unclear as to what causes the condition. According to experts, genes (DNA/RNA) play a part in what causes the disorder. Particular areas of DNA and RNA when abnormal may be… Continue Reading →

AD Alzheimer disease

AD or Alzheimer’s disease and its patients begin showing symptoms around 25 years after the developing stage. The brain will start to collect “beta amyloaid plaque,” which builds up affecting the prime intellect. Most patients with Alzheimer’s disease have the… Continue Reading →

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