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The Need for Adware and Spyware Blocker

There is this one law school student whose thesis is about money laundering so oftentimes she would google the term to come up with a ready list of online references. This proved to be useful to her and the entire… Continue Reading →

Keeping the Computer in Good Condition Using Free Spyware AdwarePrograms

Ever downloaded something from the web and the next thing that happens, you notice something goes wrong with the computer? When something like this happens, there is a very big chance that the system has been infiltrated by a virus,… Continue Reading →

Wordfence Information

Nu e greu să-ți faci blog,nu e greu să postezi pe el,e grea întreținerea lui.Când crezi că totul e bine,pac! malware,sau multe spamuri,sau naiba mai știe ce alte rahaturi o să-ți facă viața grea. Eu am găsit pluginul Wordfence,văd că… Continue Reading →

Get The Help You Need-Use An Anti Virus On Your Computer

We are living in an Information age and today more and more people use computers to help them reach information or to do some work. Every computer in order to operate uses an operation system and one of the most… Continue Reading →

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După micul necaz de ieri ,astăzi am căutat pe internet ceva informații despre cum pot să îmi verific blogul dacă are s-au nu malware,și am gă,am verificat și totul este bine.Ține Doamne binele.   ps.16.06.2019 a fost  

Nu există malware

Am scăpat de data asta.

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